Esprit is moving to electronic invoicing

Esprit has partnered with Basware, an invoice automation solution for incoming invoices to allow our suppliers to send electronic invoices to Esprit. Basware is a global leader in electronic invoicing and will support our efforts to streamline, standardize, digitalize and automate our invoice handling. As a result of this continuous improvement initiative, we will enhance our processing efficiency and provide greater transparency and benefits for our suppliers.

The main features provided by this collaboration between Basware and Esprit are:

  • Suppliers will have a wider range of options to send invoices to Esprit: 
    • Suppliers have the option to send PDF e-Invoices (machine-readable) to Esprit via email (preferred way of receiving invoices)
    • Suppliers have the option to send PDF Image invoices (not machine-readable) to Esprit via email
    • As a last option, suppliers can send paper invoices to local PO Boxes managed by Basware
  • Data is extracted automatically from the invoices by Basware, and then passed in digital format to Esprit
  • Once in Esprit, invoices are routed with the help of a digital workflow to obtain the necessary approvals

The new way of handling invoices requires minimal adjustments from our existing suppliers in terms of invoice content and sending addresses. In the following sections, we are listing all details regarding the new way of handling incoming invoices in Esprit. 

How can you send invoices to Esprit?


Follow this link to find out what a Machine-readable PDF is.

What are your benefits?

This collaboration between Esprit and Basware, offers multiple benefits to our suppliers. The degree to which you can benefit from these advantages depends on the solution you can adopt for sending invoices.

The most beneficial solution for both Esprit and suppliers is the PDF e-Invoice and this is our preferred way of receiving invoices in the future. In addition, this is the only solution where you can check the status of your invoices directly in the portal, without the need to contact someone in Esprit.

In case you are not able to send PDF machine-readable invoices, then you can choose between the other two options (PDF Image or Paper).

PDF e-Invoice
PDF Image

Starting from when is this available?

Invoice Receiving CountryGo Live
GermanyApril, 2020
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UKNovember, 2020
Italy, Spain, Poland, AsiaNot in scope for now


Solution: PDF e-Invoice
Solution: PDF Image Invoice
Solution: Paper invoice

Additional questions?

For questions regarding the Basware implementation:

For questions regarding your invoice:
respective contact person in Esprit