Extend product life


Repair Service in Retail stores


It is our aim to make long-lasting products. However, in some cases products get smaller defects during their live which can be fixed easily. To help our customers, we offer a repair service for Esprit garments in all our retail stores in Germany. Besides the repair service, our store staff in Germany receive training by professional local tailors so they can pin and mark alterations in the shop before sending garments out for tailoring. Newly customized or repaired products are then available for the customer within a week. Our Esprit "Platinum" friends can use this service for free. We are working hard to make the same service available in more countries.

Refinishing of E-Com channel goods


Examining ways to improve sustainability with our e-commerce operations, we discovered that a common reason that garments get sent back by E-com customers  is for minor quality defects - such as make-up spots or ripped-off buttons -   which can be easily remedied. 
We are working with our e-commerce partner to set up a process for repairing thes minor errors  so that we can return these products to the stock. This would reclaim around 15,000 garments per year.

These steps will help us to increase garment lifespans, reduce waste, and reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping.

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals