Extend product life


We want our customers to enjoy their Esprit product as long as possible. For this to happen, our products must receive the proper care. This is why we want to raise consumers’ awareness on the sustainable care of textiles.


Our Care Guidelines

You can find care symbols on the care labels sewn into each garment. However, these care symbols are not always easy to understand. This is why we developed our Care Guidelines. These Guidelines, available on our website, explain the meaning behind each of the different care symbols. The Guideline also gives more insight on how to take care of more delicate fabrics or specialized products like down jackets.


In 2016, we have aligned our care labels with the Clevercare system. Clevercare provides information about more sustainable washing, drying and ironing of garments. Small things, such as reducing washing temperature to cut down on overall energy consumption, can have a positive impact on the environment. Clevercare also provides detailed information about the common care symbols. The link to the Clevercare website can be found on the care labels of all our apparel products.

Hints on sustainable washing
Product safety and quality after sales