Donation – Esprit Europe Co-founder donated 50,000 € to Esprit colleagues in China!

Jürgen Friedrich, Esprit Europe Co-founder, and his wife Anke donated a generous amount of 50,000 € to Esprit colleagues in China and their families who are affected by the coronavirus. The couple is still deeply connected to Esprit and wanted to support via their charitable foundation called the JAF Foundation.

With their JAF Foundation Jürgen and Anke Friedrich support non-profit institutions, organizations and public foundations. Their goal is to conserve nature and empower people. Therefore, they promote self-initiative and encourage people to adopt a future-focused mindset and to communicate respectfully and constructively. The foundation’s purpose is to establish the basis for people to thrive physically and intellectually so that more and more people can lead a fulfilled life and at the same time learn how to protect their environment.

Amongst many other initiatives, Jürgen and Anke Friedrich also support a project in Israel called Sulamot where children from different religious backgrounds, and from difficult family situations, are taught to communicate peacefully with music as the common language.

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