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In the design and product development process, our sustainability focus means we choose materials that impact the environment as little as possible in their production, use and disposal.

The graph below represents the development process of a garment – from the initial design idea to shipment. Esprit strives to ensure that our garments are made of the highest quality. In the development process, we take care that our fashion pieces will last a long time in the hands of our consumers. A garment’s fit, workmanship and especially proper care instructions are the main aspects we focus on.

Idea / Mood Board

The initial idea for our new collections always starts with a mood board. Trend research, forecasts and color schemes come together to create the baseline for a new collection.

Proto Sample

After an idea has been developed in sketch form, we then develop a proto sample. We test different kinds of fabrics and colors, as well as different dying processes, with the aim to create a garment as close to our idea as possible.

Fit Approval Sample

The fit approval sample serves as the final stage for approval in terms of the fit, workmanship, possible accessories and wash outcomes of the style. To maintain our quality standards, our vendors produce at least two identical pieces simultaneously in order to avoid deviations. One is kept at the supplier’s place of manufacture, while the other is sent as a reference to our technicians in our headquarters in Germany.
To assure that the look of the garment lasts throughout its entire lifespan, we pay close attention to the correct instructions on the care label. Suppliers send an initial suggestion based on the fabric properties to our technicians, who then evaluate and check the parameters.

Pre-Production Sample

Based on the confirmed outcome, our suppliers start pre-production with the original fabric. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the supplier calculates possible shrinkage in the samples before the actual production starts.

Production Sample

During bulk production, our suppliers ensure the same standards as for the confirmed samples. The suppliers do a home garment wash test for each color according to the care label instructions. Before final delivery, the supplier sends a production sample to our technicians. Another sample is sent to the warehouse and serves as a reference for bulk production.

Final Inspection

Every supplier checks their own production according to Esprit’s AQL 2.5 Quality Standard. The results are entered into Esprit’s final inspection report. In case final inspection fails, it must be repeated according to an increased AQL standard.