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Overall quality assurance is a key point in our corporate strategy and our commitment to our customers. We continually follow developments in legal requirements and social expectations, as well as technical and design innovations to ensure that we live up to our brand’s promise.

All Esprit products are tested by independent and certified laboratories before leaving the factory. Our in-house laboratory also checks goods as they are delivered to our distribution center. These mechanical and chemical tests are in accordance with global standards and norms. The tests include compliance with our Restricted Substances List as well as REACH, the European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. Additionally, Esprit is also a member of AFIRM, an industry body dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for implementing chemical restrictions.
In July 2018, we adopted the AFIRM Packaging Restriced Substances List.

We follow the right-to-know-principle, and strive to provide our customers with all the information they need regarding a product, its content and product care instructions.

We ensure that our labels are in accordance with the laws of each country where we sell our products. Furthermore, Esprit includes the country of origin on the label of every garment. In addition, all non-textile components of animal origin such as leather, horn buttons, feathers and down are stated on the care label. The labeling also includes minor components such as appliqués or leather badges on jeans.