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When the life of a product comes to an end, it is not necessary to throw it away.

Esprit wants to close the loop and actively push for a circular economy. Recycling and reusing garments is a more sustainable solution to extend the life of a textile.

Together with our partner PACKMEE we want to give people the chance to extend the life of their garments by donating. PACKMEE collects donations of usable clothing and shoes and provides user-friendly and free shipment by parcel service. The program aims to extend the life of clothing and to create a sustainable cycle in the textile industry and also supports our vision. Over half of the proceeds from the program are donated to the German Red Cross. Customers can choose an Esprit voucher for a 10% discount in exchange for donating their old clothes.
Every garment donation extends the life of a garment, reduces new production and waste and therefore protects the environment.