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This natural lightness is reflected by the elegant purity of the pack design.

The graceful flacon for Women exudes radiant freshness and natural femininity. A fuchsia band around the lid and vivid pink graphics add a vibrant, joyful touch. The sparkling, crystal pink juice enhances the delightfully feminine feel. The stylish pastel-coloured folding box captures the pure, carefree bliss of a spring day. Scattered with rose-tinted sprinkles, the delicate design for Women evokes petals blowing in the wind.

The bottle For Men is given a vibrant, masculine look with a metallic teal cap and blue lettering, suggesting clear skies and shimmering seas. The clean, airy feel continues with the elegant carton that’s embellished with rippling shades of cyan and azure, like a wave of freshness. A blue ESPRIT Pure logo, set against a contrasting, crisp white background, completes the contemporary design.