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The uplifting spirit of Feel Happy is reflected by the fresh and stylish pack design.
For Women: The fragrance is presented in a gracefully-curved glass bottle topped with a glossy silver oval cap that’s edged with a slim band of bright pink. The front of the elegant flacon is simply adorned with the fragrance name, creating a sophisticated look. Inside, the juice is lightly rose-tinted for a pretty floral feel.
The purity and femininity of the bottle are complemented by the fragrance box, which features the Esprit logo in chic hot pink against a crisp white backdrop. Most striking, however, is a central patchwork pattern of abstract shapes. Created in exquisite shades of blossom pink, the rosy colours dance across the box, evoking a blissful burst of good mood. It's simply divine.

For Men: The packaging echoes the design For Women but with a bold masculine twist. The bottle has a stronger rectangular shape, softened with gently rounded corners, and the sleek matte silver cap is edged in blue. Inside, the aqua-colored juice exudes vitality. The vibrant look continues with the fragrance box, which features the logo in dynamic orange and steel blue borders. In the centre, the explosive pattern of blue and white shapes delivers an energetic, joyous feel.