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Legal Disclaimer

6-1 Kawasari-cho
Sabae City
Fukui Pref. 916-8555
Phone: +81 (0) 778 53 0380

EU based International Marketing Department
Liebigstr. 15-16
85757 Karlsfeld
E-Mail: imd(at)charmant.de
Website: www.charmant.com

Authorized representatives:
Kaoru Horikawa (Chairman)
Masao Miyachi (CEO)

Place of Business:
Legal Affairs office (Houmukyoku)/Japan
FUKUI legal affairs bureau
Takefu office
9-9-11 Shinmachi, Echizen-shi, Fukui-ken JAPAN 915-0883
Phone: +81 (0) 778 22 0194
No.: 2101-01-003588

Responsible for the content and editorial of the website:
Charmant Inc./International Marketing Department