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The gift that keeps on giving.

Customized gift cards with style

The best things often come in small packages, especially when the package is customized by you! Give the gift that keeps on giving with the beautiful Esprit gift card in the amount of your choosing. The Esprit gift card can be used throughout the entire Esprit product range: from stylish fashion to watches, glasses and complementing accessories, and all the way to the Esprit Home collection. How does it work? Simply add the desired amount to the gift card, customize it with stickers and present the beautifully wrapped gift to your loved ones or friends. Now they’re ready to use it in the Esprit Online Shop or in all participating Esprit stores in Europe. Additionally, it is possible to redeem the new Esprit gift card in all €-countries, cross-border! Happy shopping!

The Esprit gift card

  • 1You choose the amount
  • 2Free customized gift card packaging
  • 3Redeemable in all Esprit Stores in Europe
  • 4Valid for the entire Esprit product range: from Fashion and Accessories to the Home Collection

Still have questions?

What is the Esprit gift card?

The Esprit gift card is like cash for you. It is issued by Esprit Card Services GmbH, Esprit-Allee, D-40882 Ratingen. It is available from all retail stores and web-shops in your country that participate in the Esprit gift card system (see www.esprit.com/storefinder with the identifier “gift card”) and is accepted by them as payment for all Esprit products except those of the HOME category (of which again except for bathrobes). When you pay a sum of money on the gift card, this money will be credited to the gift card and you will receive a claim against Esprit Card Services GmbH to the amount represented by the gift card. No interest is payable on the claim.

How to activate an Esprit gift card

To activate a gift card, please present a gift card at a till in a participating retail store and pay an amount that is to be loaded on the gift card as credit. We accept any amount from 5,- to 150,- EURO/20,- to 700,- PLN/200,- to 4.000,-CZK/10,- to 250,-CHF/50,- to 1.500,- SEK/50,- to 1.300 DKK as credit. Each gift card can only be activated once and cannot be reloaded; for this reason, any further top-up payment that you wish to make goes onto a new gift card.

How can I use the Esprit gift card?

The Esprit gift card can be used when buying Esprit products in all participating retail stores and web-shops. In participating retail stores, just present the gift card before paying at the till. The purchase price will then be debited from the credit on the gift card. Any remaining amounts must be paid in the participating retail stores in cash or with a debit or credit card, or can be debited from another gift card. After the credit on the gift card has been used up, the gift card used in the participating retail store is deactivated.

What use of the gift card is not permitted?

Use of the Esprit gift card is limited to non-commercial, private purchases in the participating retail stores. Use for other purposes, in particular commercial purposes, as well as resale with the intention of making a profit or commercial prize draws requires the prior consent of Esprit.

Please treat your Esprit gift card in the same way as cash!

The gift card is a bearer document and can be used by anyone on presentation. Esprit will not check the holder’s entitlement to use.

How do I find out my account balance?

You can have your current credit balance checked at any time when presenting the gift card at the till of a participating retail store.

How long is the gift card valid and what do I do if I lose the gift card?

The gift card can be redeemed without limitation in all participating stationary retail stores and web-shops. Please report loss of the gift card to the participating retail store immediately, and the store will arrange for the gift card to be blocked. After the gift card is blocked, on presentation of proof of purchase, Esprit Card Services GmbH will issue a new gift card that carries the verified residual credit of the lost gift card.

Details on purchasing/using the Esprit gift card in participating web-shops

Purchasing a gift card from a participating web-shop is a menu-based process. The footer of the web-shop contains a gift card link. For (partial) payment with the gift card, choose the payment method “gift card” in the checkout area at the end of the order process. Any residual amounts can be made up with an alternative payment method. The gift card used in the web-shop is also deactivated after the credit is used up: the only exception to this is in case of returns where the order paid by a gift card is credited to the gift card originally used. When making a payment in web-shops, your account balance is always automatically displayed before redemption.

You can ask about the activation date of your gift card on the hotline of your web-shop. Loss of your gift card can also be reported to the Customer Service of a participating web-shop (the web-shop will then apply the procedure set out under “Loss of gift card”).