The YES Center

Youth empowerment through skills

The YES Center creates a bright future for young people in parts of the world lacking educational and economic opportunities. The goal is to give young people access to professional training to help them reach their full potential. The center puts a special focus on supporting young women to help them find their identity and strengthen their self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Together with the YOU Foundation, a UN-endorsed organization in Germany, Esprit pledged a million euros to sponsor educational centers in Esprit’s supplier countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Vietnam. The goal is to provide skill training and education to empower students to better achieve their dreams.  

Esprit supports each center for two years before fully handing it over to local partners who ensure the needs of each unique community are met.  

Training programs include vocational training, life-skills training and safety-and- disaster training, as well as training in English, computer-skills, and fashion/textiles. This way, Esprit also contributes to the attainment of two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education and Partnerships.

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Yes Center
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Yes Center

Unemployment among young Bangladeshis

The YES Center “Youth Empowerment through Skills Center” was implemented to fight the challenges young Bangladeshis face. At the beginning of the project, a need assessment was conducted to determine the exact training needed to enhance the participants’ access to decent employment. The project has achieved the following outcomes:

  • 400 young people gained market-driven skills to improve their economic self-reliance.
  • 400 young people now have a better chance to successfully enter the job market.

Esprit granted a total of €198,000.

Opportunities for income generation for young women in Pakistan

To improve the socioeconomic status of young women, the YES Center assessed existing entrepreneurial skills of young women entrepreneurs to design a comprehensive training program for them.

  • The YES Center provided women entrepreneurs a platform to learn modern marketing skills and organized a three-day women entrepreneurs’ trade fair in Multan, Pakistan.
  • 72% of female entrepreneurs have expanded their businesses and increased their incomes.

Esprit granted a total of €200,000.

Intensive training in India

Young Indian women received practical and theoretical training sessions over a period of six weeks, where they learned to stitch garments and were taught life skills and soft skills to improve their confidence. The training had a high success rate: 

  • 80% of the 137 women who completed all three phases of training became employed or self-employed.
  • A post-placement tracking of those who were placed or self-employed shows that 95% of them remain employed and are earning a decent income.

Esprit granted a total of €200,000.

Women in Vietnam gain employment after vocational courses

Following the results of the needs-assessment training, the YES Center carries out five vocational courses (three for textile skills, one for beauty skills and one for cooking and bartending). These courses give people the chance to broaden their know-how and diversify their employment options. Trainees also get to socialize and discuss their newly acquired knowledge with each other. 

  • Two of the local textile factories reported having hired graduates of these vocational courses.

Esprit granted a total of €200,000.