Esprit Voices

Inspire, enrich and bring awareness

Esprit Voices is a speaker series spotlighting a range of business, personal, and social topics. We address people's emotions, shed light on taboo subjects and generate respectful exchanges among people from different backgrounds.


Transgender Rights

Esprit Voices has featured a number of inspiring guest speakers, most notably transgender model Teddy Quinlivan. She shared her personal experience as a trans woman to give voice to the transgender community and raise awareness on trans issues.


Heidi R. Andersen from Living Institute gave valuable insights into how our brain works and how we develop preferences and prejudices called "unconscious bias." Being aware of stereotypical thinking is the first step to fighting against discrimination.


Refugees who live near the Esprit headquarters in Ratingen, Germany, were invited to tell their difficult and inspiring stories. They shared hopes for their future and the hurdles they are learning to overcome.