Charity Day

It‘s time to make a difference

We give back by doing good. On Charity Day, employees take one day off work to volunteer at a local charity. They are free to choose the charity they wish to support. This allows them to help organizations they care about. They may volunteer individually or as a group and can plan a team-building activity on their Charity Day.


Supporting Children in Need

Esprit employees organized a special and creative day for underprivileged children. There were games and arts-and-crafts activities in a lovely park in Dusseldorf.


Importance of 

The Esprit Copenhagen team spent an afternoon raising awareness about the importance of vaccinating our children. So many diseases are preventable if we all do our part.

Supporting Angels in Hong Kong

Working in conjunction with Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation, our Esprit team in Hong Kong packed 2,000 dinner boxes for elderly people.