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Social Sustainability


Esprit feels strongly that the workers making our products should be able to live from the money they earn.

To ensure this, we not only requires that the legal minimum wage be paid, but that wages be enough to meet basic needs, including food, clothing, housing, education and healthcare, as well as allowing for a reasonable amount of discretionary income for unexpected costs and savings.

The question on how to calculate wages has not been settled and it has essentially brought the attempt to establish a unanimous, industry-wide wage to a standstill. Rather than calculating a wage, Esprit believes it is best achieved by facilitating the development of nation- and industry-wide collective bargaining agreements in key garment and textile producing countries, where workers’ representatives and factory management can negotiate wages and any other aspect of working conditions deemed appropriate by both parties.

In September 2015, Esprit joined the Action, Collaboration and Transformation (ACT) program to ensure fair wages for all employees in the supply chain. In this program, 17 other brands and the IndustriALL Global Union work together to increase wages, while maintaining overall health standards for workers. ACT also strives to improve brand purchasing practices and to provide expertise for enhancing factory productivity to support increased wages within a healthy local textile industry.

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