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Sustainable design at Esprit begins with choosing sustainable fabrics and materials. We focus first on cotton and cellulose fibers, as for example viscose, which comprise the largest proportion of all materials used in Esprit garments.


Conventional cotton requires a large amount of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which has a significant impact on the environment. In addition, cotton production needs a lot of water, which is an increasingly scarce natural resource. Esprit became a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in February 2016. The BCI is a non-profit organization that takes a holistic approach to sustainable cotton production by including the environmental, social and economic aspects. It supports the people who grow cotton to implement more environmentally friendly cultivation methods that also help farmers lower costs and help assure that they make a decent living.


Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers according to strict standards. Esprit has increased the range of organic cotton in our collections by becoming a certified member of the Organic Content Standard (OCS). The OCS, which has been developed by the non-profit organization Textile Exchange, ensures the presence and amount of organically grown material in a final garment by tracking the chain of custody from the certified field to the end product.


Using recycled materials in the process of manufacturing garments helps to reduce waste and creates a more sustainable way of apparel production. Esprit is certified according the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). The RCS affirms the presence and amount of recycled material in a finished garment. We started to increase the range of recycled materials in our collections.


We have partnered up with the environmental non-profit organization Canopy to ensure that our cellulose fabrics do not cost the earth. We support a future that does not exploit ancient and endangered forests to create man-made cellulosic fabrics. For more information, please see Esprit's Policy on Protecting Forests Through Fabric Choices.

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