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Courage for the battle against cancer

Esprit and “Yes to Life” help patients

“I wish I could help the charity Yes to Life to open up new options for many, many more people with cancer,” was the second wish submitted to Esprit from the UK. Starting in 2012, Esprit will help the British Yes to Life cancer initiative show affected individuals new potential and to give them knowledge, and thus self-determination and a renewed sense of courage. The cooperation includes financing informational programs for increasing public awareness of a wider range of treatment options and to present patients an integrative therapy approach. Through the Esprit “Make Your Wish” contribution, Yes to Life is able to hold three day-long seminars in the UK for over 100 cancer patients. Esprit also supports the realization of twelve wellbeing workshops for up to 120 participants where experts will provide information on exercise, non-toxic lifestyle choices and nutrition to individuals with cancer.