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"Make your wish" Campaign

Esprit makes dreams come true

Ratingen, July 2012
In November und December 2011, Esprit captured the Christmas spirit in the unique campaign “Make Your Wish.” Based on its successful “Real People” campaigns from the 1990s, the “Make Your Wish” campaign showcased charismatic people and their personal wishes for themselves, their families, their loved ones, and the world. With this campaign, Esprit created a link to its traditions and roots not just formally, but also in terms of content. Ever since it was established, the Esprit brand and its founders have placed great importance on responsibility towards society and the environment, as well as inspiring people. The campaign, which was launched at the end of last year, touched and involved people from all over the world.

As part of the campaign, online users were motivated to write down their visions on esprit.com. Several thousand people across the world took advantage of this opportunity and shared their personal Christmas wishes online. These included numerous wishes for more love and peace, for the environment and society, as well as heartfelt wishes for partners, family, and friends. From this unique pool, Esprit has chosen five visions based on social, community, and environmental themes that will be fulfilled this year.

The following five wishes were chosen:

  1. From Belgium: “I wish for more trees”
  2. From the UK: “I wish I could help the charity Yes to Life to open up new options for many, many more people with cancer”
  3. From the Philippines: “I wish I could give food to the poor this Christmas so they can also enjoy Christmas eve”
  4. From Germany: “I wish to save the tropical forest by buying a piece of it”
  5. From Germany: “I wish every homeless person in Berlin had somewhere warm to sleep this winter”

Note: Some wishes are translated from the original