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The first wish comes true

I wish for more trees

Together with “Natuurpunt”, Belgium’s most prominent environmental protection organization, Esprit provides support for the expansion of communal woodland in Sint-Katelijne-Waver in Flanders from November 2012, and thus creates environmentally-conscious added value for the urban landscapes of tomorrow.


Esprit will be participating in the “Restoration of the Waverwoud”, a “Natuurpunt” project for the reforestation of the former “Waverwoud” woodland area. The organization already manages various woodland areas such as the 20-hectare “Hondsbossen” and the 25-hectare “Gasthuisbossen” woods. The aim of “Natuurpunt” is to create a new green corridor between these two woodland areas. In the realization of this first wish of the “Make Your Wish” campaign, Esprit will be financing the purchase of land and trees for the afforestation of approximately 4,000 square meters of new woodland. With the able support of the “Natuurpunt Social Workshops” and numerous volunteers, the environmental protection organization and Esprit will begin planting the new trees on “Nature Day”, November 18, 2012.

Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in the Esprit Concept Store

The opening ceremony of the Esprit Concept Store in Antwerp on May 29, 2012 has been chosen as the venue for the first step towards making this wish come true. In a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, Jörgen Andersson, Creative Director Global Brand and New Business Esprit, and Jan Nord, Executive Creative Director Global Brand and New Business Esprit, planted a strong and healthy Ficus plant as a first green signal for the future. In the words of Jörgen Andersson, “Esprit is continuing the tradition of a corporate heritage rooted in the world of nature – from now on, trees will be a permanent feature of the Antwerp store concept”. First the store, then Belgium. Esprit and “Natuurpunt” are working hand-in-hand to make the world a little greener and to fulfill desires.