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The whimsical, half-nude, graphical black and white world presented throughout this magazine is con-ceived by the immensely witty illustrator and commentator of modern life Andy Rementer.

Andy’s inspiration for his RCA illustrations comes from the iconography of Roman mythology and the Renaissance. Statuesque and intentionally flat, the universe he created around Julia Mackenroth, Ryan Mercer and Rachael Hall’s designs adds a quirky touch. Placed in this jovially reckless ancient world peopled by cycloptic Cupids, horny angels and the occasional snake (to disturb the paradisiacal harmony a bit), the clothes take on a strange but funny life of their own.

Andy’s style is simple yet distinct – thick strokes and vibrant colours often put to comedic use. He’s a skilled practitioner of the non-sequitur-deadpan and absurd comments with an apparent lack of meaning as to what precedes it. His joke never explains who the characters are but it reflects their oddities. The characters may have one eye or lose their thumb while texting, but their corporal shortcomings don’t really concern them. They are too preoccupied with seemingly pointless things, such as waiting for their mobily phone battery to become fully loaded (and dying as a result).

Andy is currently based in Philadelphia. He graduated from The University of Arts in 2004.

Andy divides his time between drawing, animating and making flea market finds. His comics, zines, illustrations and artwork can be viewed in a variety of sources including The New York Times, MTV, The New Yorker, Warner Brothers, Apartamento Magazine and Creative Review.

Between 2006 and 2011 he drew the incredibly funny online comic strip „Techno Tuesday“, which, in Andy’s own words, was „an exercise in drawing comics and complaining about technology“. It’s still available online at www.technotuesday.com and something we recommend you not to miss.

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