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RACHEL BARRETT Collecting the present, preserving the past

Rachel Barrett' photographs tell a story about the social landscapes of the USA, from contemporary life to disappearing cultural phenomena. Deeply rooted in nostalgia, her work impressively captures the identity of the people, the communities and the landscapes of Northern California. Immerse yourself in the authentic view of the life there, which her photographs represent. rachelbarrett.net

ILKA HARTMANN Capturing the esprit of the times

If you want to grasp the turbulent spirit of the San Francisco Bay area in the 60s and 70s – the time when Susie and Doug started their first Esprit collections – Ilka Hartmann's photographs are a revelation. She came to San Francisco in 1964 and photographed the people and events of the time: hippies at the University of California in Berkeley, the Peace Movement, the Black Panthers, the Native American Movement. Today Ilka lives in a small town on the Northern California coast where she and others, including the friend of her family Susie, have created a community of environmental visionaries, artists and community activists. Let Ilka's photographs touch your heart just like the scenes they depict touched hers.

REBECA MÉNDEZ Experiencing the sublime

With her art, Rebeca Méndez explores the nature of perception. Her video 'Nothing Further Happens' is a collection of land- and seascapes that she filmed in the past five years to let the viewer experience spatial infinity. It shows distant horizon lines in Iceland, at Svalbard archipelago in the high arctic, in the salt flats of the Atacama Desert in Chile, and at White Sands in New Mexico, USA. The lines are located exactly half way across all frames, creating a symmetrical composition that allows you to experience the sensation of being surrounded only by vast horizons. Discover what the feeling of infinity sets off in your mind and get a glimpse of the sublime!