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Margaux Lonnberg

What is your blog all about?

Margaux Lonnberg, 26 years old. I'm a true Parisian. After studying history of art and two years of modern art, I started my blog in 2010. My friends Garance Doré and Patrick Frèche, the founder of the label Loft, had encouraged me to do so. My blog was an instant success. In the beginning, it was more like a journey or a mood board. My aim was to launch a blog that would show the poetry of every day, because I always start dreaming the moment I have something before my eyes. I’ve always loved using my fantasy and being creative, and that’s also how I run my blog: without any calculation, just showing who I am and what I like. I think I have succeeded in what I set out to do. My followers come for music and inspiration and not to find out how to dress themselves. For me, fashion is a lifestyle, not a trend. That’s also why I introduced my own fashion label two months ago.

What makes life special in Paris?

Paris is like no other city in the world. I appreciate Paris for its culture, culinary identity, fashion sense and architectural beauty including the overall nostalgic ambiance Paris breathes. I have been a resident of the Marais for quite some time now, and somehow I’ve never grown tired of aimless walks through my narrow streets. Computer in bag, I just turn Café Charlot into my office. Paris is minuscule, and it’s easy for locals to all know each other. Strangely enough, I find tourist environments quite relaxing: Les Abbesses, Montmartre… Even though New York can easily become another home for me, I can’t help returning to Paris all the time.


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