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Christina’s hot spots in New York

Friend’s rooftop | West Village
Sometimes the best parts of NY are to be seen rooftop.

The Cast Rock’n’Roll Clothing Shop | 71 Orchard St. »
I fell in love with this shop after walking past and seeing the owner's cutest dog Bill sitting in front of the door. It's such a rad rock n' roll vibe, you can get custom made leather jackets here too! I love local NY designers.

Pommes Frites | 123 2nd Ave. »
I find myself stuffing my face here about once a week. It's usually me and a friend debating over which sauce is the best! It's a little hole in the wall that sells in my opinion some of the best fries.

Thompson Hotel’s Pool | 60 Thompson St. »
I feel like every time I come here I see someone I know, or haven't seen forever. It's a great place to relax and listen to music … or get thrown into the pool.

Chelsea Highline | 529 West 23rd St. »
This place is like a little escape. Although beautiful in the fall, it's especially pretty in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom. I find myself snapping photos here for my blog.

Mascot Studio | 328 East 9th St. »
My cousin Peter has been living in the city for over 30 years. I'm so amazed by his talent and how calm he always seems to be. He's the best part of New York City. His Gallery Mascot in the East Village showcases amazing art by local NY artists, every space on the wall is taken up with something special.

San Loco | 129 2nd Ave. »
My friends and I always seem to end up coming here for lunch or late dinners. I've had such good memories let alone on this block! And I always order the Gauco Loco.

Eastside river | Montgomery St. »
My roommates and I take walks up and down the river to the dog park, or to have picnics with friends. I'm so happy to live so close to the water even though I can't jump in and swim.