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Anna's Amsterdam Hot Spots

Anna’s Hot Spots in Amsterdam

My special 'secret' place | Near the Rokin
To others this place might seem very ordinary, but to me, this little dock overlooking the Rokin makes me feel very calm and is very dear to me. This is the place my boyfriend and I came for our 'first' date, and being a romantic girl at heart, I love how this is our secret little spot that nobody knows about. It's also an amazing location to watch people come by, tourists in big touristy boats and sailors with children passing by.

Drie Graefjes bakery | Rokin 128 »
A very not so ordinary bakery where the owner is involved in every single step of the baking process. You can taste the most amazing cakes here, but I will always have a weak spot for their red velvet cupcakes. This place is also quite hidden, but definitely worth a visit. Make sure to try out the high tea, where you will get a selection of the best of the best in pastry. Another favourite is the HUGE devil's food cake - it's almost sinful how good this is.

Athenaeum Books | Spui 14-16 »
A store I love to visit on rainy days to get lost in the world of books and magazines. I still love the smell of printed books, even though I live my life online pretty much all the time. There is something magical about holding printed words in your hand, and I love to come here for my monthly foreign magazine fix, especially the Japanese magazines that they sell here.

Maison Rika | Oude Spiegelstraat 12 »
A true hidden gem in the city is this amazing lifestyle boutique, that is a part of the independent Swedish clothing label Rika. The hotel only has two rooms, which nobody really knows about. The rooms are situated in the heart of the 9 streets, one of the most amazing areas in Amsterdam where you can buy amazing vintage clothing, find the best restaurants and cutest bars. The entire interior is made especially for Maison Rika by the hands of Martin Margiela for instance, and what I love the most are the details: fresh, hand-picked flowers in the vase every day!

Greenwoods lunchroom | Singel 103 »
An English tea room with a lovely terrace where everything (and I mean everything) on the menu is homemade on the menu. Really try the portobello sandwich - it's pretty amazing.

This is the place where I can safely say my life changed. As a little girl, I have always fantasised about having this amazing office somewhere in the middle of the city, never really thinking that could actually happen. Being able to move into this office with the NSMBL team, has been such a rewarding aspect of working hard and watching my company grow. The space is also very inspiring and the building and architecture keep amazing me.

Waterlooplein area | Waterlooplein 2 »
For vintage and antique pieces, this little square is a must visit. You can also try very authentic herring (fresh fish) here, the fish place hidden in this area has been around since 1938.

PS-Atelier | Oude Spiegelstraat 10 »
Absolutely the most amazing place to score vintage and second hand designer pieces. I even love this place so much, I was reluctant to share it with the world, but the lovely owner Josta and her special eye for key designer pieces deserve nothing but the best. They sell the most amazing dresses, shoes and bags and the great thing is that it's not too expensive. I could really live in this store, and highly recommend stopping by if you're in town.

Vesper Bar | Vinkenstraat 57 »
A very special and I dare to say the BEST cocktail bar in Amsterdam. It's hidden quite well in the centre of the city, and it's incredibly small making it very cosy for a first date or special occasion. The bar was named after James Bond's lost love, which is, of course, a story I adore. The bartenders really know everything there is to know about cocktails, and no matter how crowded the bar gets, they always take their time and advise you on what they think would suit your taste. A true Amsterdam gem!