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Anna Nikbakht Nooshin

What is your blog all about?

Anna Nikbakht Nooshin (25) was born in Iran, but travelled around the world to finally end up in Amsterdam where she has been living since she was 18. She is the co-founder and executive editor of NSMBL (pronounced Ensemble), a combination of a lifestyle magazine and blog for women who love life, fashion, beauty and travelling. NSMBL is about collecting the fun aspects of women's lives into one beautiful collective online world. To stay updated on the latest trends, Anna attends all the international fashion weeks and travels to different countries around the world to report back to her readers.

What makes life special in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam will always be the city that holds my heart, even though I could fall in love with other cities throughout the years. I always compare Amsterdam to the steady boyfriend that you know you will always end up with, no matter how many temptations come your way. What makes life special in Amsterdam is the special energy of the city, the way it's so big, yet so small and the fact that dreams are never too crazy. Amsterdam is a city with very little boundaries, it's a place where everyone from all over the world comes to search for the next big dream. It's a city where I have always felt at ease, whether that was career-wise or on a personal level.

I love living in Amsterdam because really, there is no other place like it on the planet. The canals, the architecture, the history and the positive vibrations make sure that I can still be amazed when I wander through 'my' city and feel very lucky to be able to live here. Not to mention the amazing little fashion stores that you can find, always hidden in a secret alley.