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The New Esprit Menswear Direction

A fresh breeze in Esprit’s menswear department: Juan Antonio Chaparro, the group’s Chief Supply Chain Officer since 2013 has now also attended to this highly potent member of the Esprit family with the objective of successfully occupying a growing market under realistic conditions. It was important to create a practical structure while at the same time starting a new dynamics. More »


Esprit schließt neue Lizenzpartnerschaft mit Versteegh für den Bereich Modeschmuck

Esprit hat mit Wirkung zum 1. Juli 2017 eine neue Lizenzpartnerschaft im Bereich Modeschmuck mit Versteegh modeaccessoires geschlossen. More »


Esprit Concludes New License Partnership With Versteegh For Fashion Jewelry

Esprit has concluded a new license partnership in the area of fashion jewelry with Versteegh modeaccessoires effective 1 July 2017. More »


Esprit schliesst neue Lizenzpartnerschaft mit der TMS Group für Uhren und Echtschmuck

Esprit hat zum 1. Juli 2017 eine neue Lizenzpartnerschaft im Bereich Uhren und Echtschmuck mit der internationalen TMS Group geschlossen. Die TMS Group ist Lizenznehmer diverser Unternehmen für die Bereiche Uhren, Schmuck und Accessoires. Neben der Marken- und Produktentwicklung verantwortet die TMS Group auch den Vertrieb sowie Marketing und After-Sales-Aktivitäten. Mit der TMS Group hat Esprit einen Partner gefunden, der in Bezug auf Produktqualität, Preis-Leistung und Trendrelevanz den hohen Anforderungen von Esprit entspricht und damit ideal an die Leistungen des bisherigen Partners Mywa anschließt. More »


Esprit Concludes New License Partnership With TMS For Watches And Fine Jewelry

As of 1 July 2017, Esprit has concluded a new license partnership for the segment watches and precious jewelry with the international TMS Group. The TMS Group has been a licensee for various companies in the segments of watches, jewelry and accessories. Alongside brand and product development, the TMS Group is also responsible for sales, marketing and after-sales activities. With the TMS Group, Esprit has found a partner that meets Esprit’s high requirements in terms of product quality, price performance and trend relevance, and thus links in ideally with the services of the previous partner Mywa. More »


#ImEsprit - Esprit introduces its new brand campaign for Spring/Summer 2017

This season, Esprit graduates from #ImPerfect to the truest expression of values at the heart of the brand. Introducing #ImEsprit – a campaign that positively celebrates everything inside you, with Esprit acting as friendly fashion council dressing the person you are and want to be. More »


Esprit publishes Sustainability Report 2015/16

Esprit is now publishing its second global sustainability report. In spirit of the founding philosophy, Esprit is continuing to expand its activities in the area of sustainability and social compliance, focusing on the three main topics of sustainable materials, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. More »


Opening Ceremony and Esprit announce collaborative unisex collection for Fall 2016

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 – For Fall 2016, Opening Ceremony captures the like-minded spirit of Esprit, joining forces for the first time as Esprit by Opening Ceremony — a move to re-introduce the iconic brand to its audience in a modern context. More »


#ImPerfect - The Esprit FW16 Campaign

Esprit’s Fall/Winter 16 campaign presents a fresh interpretation of the #Imperfect narrative explored in previous seasons. Documenting the magnetic power of dance, the campaign is a natural celebration of diversity, individual expression and personal style. More »


Esprit returns to Canada

FAB Inc. to launch Esprit retail and multi-label store destinations in 2016 More »


We will miss you, Doug.

We will always remember his inspiring drive - and his "Esprit de corps" that still shines through today in our organizations and in all of us. More »


Esprit joins Textilbündnis

Esprit, the international fashion brand for clothing and lifestyle products, has joined the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, “Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien”, initiated under German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller. More »


Esprit again wins PETA Vegan Fashion Award 2015

For the second time after winning this award with an Esprit vegan pump in 2013 from PETA Germany, Esprit is distinguished for offering consumers fashion combining ethics with innovative vegan materials. More »


Esprit launches #ImPerfect Campaign

Esprit’s Fall/Winter 2015 communication strategy raises questions of perfection and imperfection, celebrating individualism. The selected campaign look represents the sentiment of unbridled freedom of expression characteristic of the 1970s and the early founding days of Esprit. With the campaign, Esprit is once again intensifying its marketing efforts. More »


Esprit partners with Groupe Zannier

• Kids Division under licensing agreement as of 1 January 2016 in order to expand a quality distribution network, drive top line growth and capture essential cost efficiencies • Signing this license agreement is the result of a yearlong careful assessment of the best business solution for Esprit Kids More »


Asian Excellence Award: Esprit Distinguished for Best Environmental Responsibility

Esprit has been recognized for Best Environmental Responsibility at the Asian Excellence Award organized by Corporate Governance Asia magazine. More »


Esprit ranked as "Leader" in Greenpeace Detox Catwalk

Esprit, the international brand for fashion and lifestyle products, has been ranked as "Leader" in the Greenpeace "Detox Catwalk“ for the second time. In this campaign, Greenpeace evaluated popular fashion brands’ progress in the replacement of potentially hazardous chemicals by substances that are not harmful. More »


Caroline Blomst for Esprit: Beachwear Capsule Collection

Esprit Beachwear has embarked on a new style adventure for Spring/Summer 2015, collaborating with leading Swedish blogger, photographer and streetstyle expert Caroline Blomst on a 25 piece beachwear capsule collection for Esprit. The collection will be launched in April 2015 at selected Esprit stores, multi-label retailers, and the Esprit online shop. More »


Esprit releases detox commitment update

In December 2012, Esprit, the international fashion and lifestyle brand with Californian heritage, has made a commitment to work with its supply partners to eliminate potentially hazardous chemicals in the manufacture of products, with the support of NGO Greenpeace. More »


”Everyday Amazing” – Meet the Muses

In September Esprit kicks off the fall/winter season with a new campaign: ”Everyday Amazing“ features seven inspiring women with outstanding stories who are not models but role models: authentic, unique and beautiful every day More »

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