2013 Recycled Collection by Esprit

Award winning local designers use recycled fabrics for stylish new sustainable collection

Esprit launches the 2013 Recycled Collection this summer in Asia. Esprit’s innovative collection was created by recycling its own manufacturing fabric “off cuts” into recycled fabric, so as to reduce textile waste, save water and carbon emissions and to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The collection theme “Perfect Summer” emphasizes “simple cut” design. For colours, Esprit presents everything from pale washed out to dark unwashed denim along with sunny oranges to cool greys for the cotton styles. The collections are designed by the 2012 Hong Kong EcoChic Design Award Winner Wister Tsang and the 2012 Mainland China Design Award Winner Gong Jiaqi. The collection designed by winner Wister Tsang is available in select retail stores in the Asia Pacific region while the collection designed by Gong Jiaqi is available in select Esprit retail stores in 7 cities of Mainland China.

The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition that educates emerging Hong Kong fashion designers about sustainable design techniques that reduce textile waste whilst also creating stylish and marketable fashion. The award is organised by Redress, an NGO with a mission to reduce waste in Asia’s fashion industry.

The Recycled Collection by Esprit is designed to be kind to the environment. The recycled T-shirts and denim pieces were created using less water and less electricity, resulting in less greenhouse gases per garment. The denim fabric comprises of 43% recycled cotton, collected and recycled from Esprit’s own cotton denim manufacturing off cuts. The T-shirt fabric comprises of 35% recycled cotton, collected and recycled from Esprit’s own T-shirt manufacturing off cuts, with the remaining 65% of the fabric made from recycled polyester. In striving for sustainability, none of the T-shirt fabrics were re-dyed, so they are blends that reflect the original off cuts, rather than solid single colours.

Esprit’s supply chains were assessed and audited by external third party organisations, including Redress, Control Union and Reset Carbon, to ensure high traceability and sustainability standards were maintained. Customers can view details about Esprit’s supply chain and verify the factory level best practice “Global Recycle Standard” on the website for recycled textiles at www.rcertificate.com

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