Esprit, the international fashion brand for clothing and lifestyle products, sponsors ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion’s International Master’s Program – Sustainability in Fashion.

With Esprit as its key partner, the innovative Master program takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to design, positioning itself as ecologically, ethically, socially and economically sustainable. The students have the opportunity to practically apply their designs under Esprit’s design team’s guidance. The partnership provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to develop their practice with immediate feedback from one of the fashion industries leading manufacturers.

The sponsorship agreement allows Esprit to take an active role in the course, which symbiotically unifies research, education, practice and business to inspire students to explore new solutions with critical rigor. The first project presented by Esprit Great Graphics and Fully Use Pattern challenged students to design outfits for the Esprit Wellness line, using not only the high ecological standard of GOTS, by using certified cotton jersey and sweatshirt and certified print processes provided by RK Textil, but additionally students were asked to develop their own ‘zero waste’ pattern cutting principles, to avoid cutting waste in production. An exciting challenge and great chance for young designers as the outcome of the workshop is the realization of two of the students’ projects for the Esprit 2014 Wellness Collection. The final chosen designs are by students Mayta Leal and Anita Heiberg. The Brasilian and Canadian designers have been invited to present their concepts and visions for sustainable fashion to the design team at the Esprit’s Headquarters in Ratingen, Germany.

"To cooperate with such a prestigious and innovate company like Esprit, we have found the perfect partner for our Master Programme, from which ESMOD and the students will certainly benefit from Esprit’s experience and new approaches within sustainability" says Silvia Kadolsky, President, ESMOD Berlin

Charles Dickinson, Head of Global Quality Management & Sustainability, Esprit comments “As much as 80% of the environmental impact of a product is decided by designers. Working together with ESMOD, a University that understands and embraces the ethos of sustainable design allows Esprit to share its knowledge of sustainable design and help influence the designers of tomorrow. ESMOD, Esprit and our customers can only benefit from this collaboration.”

“It is essential to teach designers how to create and engage with sustainable design. Therefore it is incredibly important to understand how to create products which consist of a mix of firstly exceptional design where sustainability has seamlessly been engineered into the creations. Perfecting this balance will drive the future of sustainable design” says Lilian Vos, Global Business Manager Women Casual.

ESMOD Berlin is located in one of the world’s most historically rich, artistically experimental and vibrant cities, and the Master Programme attracts students from all over the world, creating a truly intercultural study environment. Due to its practical and international orientation, the course, which is taught in English, is unique worldwide. ESMOD has a long history of producing highly talented creative professionals, and participating in a course at ESMOD ensures that each graduate will be excellently poised to pursue a career in the international fashion industry and is fully equipped to contribute sustainable design solutions to future employers. Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow, Director International Masters Programme, Sustainability in Fashion, ESMOD Berlin added "The partnership with Esprit allows the students immediacy with the current climate of the fashion industry. To be immersed in their intensive self-directed research projects, developing new ideas and solutions, and to have their designs realized parallel on such a commercial scale with a high profile brand is a very exciting, and speaks to the quality of the education and graduates from ESMOD Berlin and the Master Programme."

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