Developing Eco Awareness

Let’s work it out!

In 2011, we established a Sustainability Working Group (SWG) at Esprit’s global headquarters. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and initiating sustainability programmes across all our business and product areas. The group represents a cross section of all divisions.

The group is sub-divided into smaller work units, each with its own focus on a different sustainable strategy. One unit is currently developing ways to improve waste management in the supply chain and internally at Esprit. Another unit works on the sustainable manufacturing base. Other SWG projects include eco product offers, energy saving schemes, group transportation services, the reduction of office supply use and the analysis of the carbon footprint of the entire Esprit headquarters.

There are so many ways of improving the sustainability of a brand. We want to make sure that we realise as many of them as we can!

Embracing Sustainability.

In February 2012, Esprit kicked off the first Sustainable Design Workshop – one of many more to come! More than 50 designers, technicians and product managers from various divisions were invited to the Esprit global headquarters for several days. The workshop embraced all kinds of topics regarding sustainable design and product lifecycle, from concept and design questions to material choices, ecometrics, sampling and construction to marketing and consumer education.

For the concept of our Sustainable Design Workshops, inspiration and creativity are key. During the workshop, industry specialists as well as suppliers of sustainable fabrics and equipment present their expert knowledge about sustainable topics in the fashion industry. The group uses this information as an inspiration for finding new, sustainable solutions for their business areas. By the end of each workshop, the group identifies a special target which is to come to life within the Esprit organisation.

With these workshops, we strive to continually look for improvement opportunities for sustainable product design. After all, we always try to unite our passion for fashion with our aim of producing it in a way which is respectful to people and the environment.