Let’s make a difference!

Social and environmental commitment is part of Esprit’s DNA. Well ahead of their time, when Doug and Susie Tompkins founded Esprit in 1968, they had the ground-breaking vision to create a fashion brand that is mindful of both people and nature. Today, we still live and act in this spirit. We do all we can to be a fair partner for our suppliers, a responsible employer for our staff, a helpful supporter for our communities and a considerate preserver of nature. That’s why we voluntarily conduct our business in a way that strives to exceed ethical and legal expectations, lessens our impact on the environment and provides a high quality of life for our customers and employees.

To us, being sustainable means creating high quality fashion that you can enjoy for a long time and making sure that we produce this fashion with respect towards the environment and all the people involved. It is a continuous journey in which we strive every day to ultimately make a difference.