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Kludi - a brand apart

As an internationally-oriented family enterprise, Kludi is known around the world as one of the leading German quality producers of fittings for harnessing the element of water in both bathroom and kitchen, combining functionality with emotional appeal. For more than 80 years, this success story has been based on a seemingly simple formula: we always demand the best. From ourselves, from our products, from our services - thus permanently guaranteeing long-lasting and enduring quality.

Commitment to quality

Kludi's central preoccupation with quality is reflected in every aspect of the company's activities: our personnel management, our relationships with our suppliers and partners, our production processes and our recycling of used materials. Every year, newly defined quality objectives bear witness to the highly developed sense of responsibility that allows Kludi to keep setting long-term benchmarks within its field. Internally and externally. Harmonised production processes and environmentally sound manufacturing methods guarantee that thanks to uniform production standards, the constantly high quality of all our components and end products is assured, all across Europe. And in order to ensure that this and all our other lofty objectives are consistently adhered to and implemented, we make sure our workforce is well-qualified and highly committed.

Equally, efficient long-term quality management doesn't stop at the factory gates. That's why Kludi has used its "Quality" partner programme to define clear specifications and requirements, thus ensuring it receives the necessary quality from all its suppliers and partners. Kludi's clear specifications, transparent information and cooperation and support are of help to established and new suppliers alike in all questions relating to adherence to our required quality standards.

Well-equipped for global business projects

Around the world, Kludi has established itself as one of the leading German producers of quality merchandise in its market, thanks to a long-standing tradition of specialist expertise combined with visions of an ambitious scope. The company's high levels of innovation and quality, combined with fashion-conscious, award winning designs, have earned Kludi its position as market leader for kitchen fittings in Germany and Austria. And for several years the Kludi Group has also been heading for success on an international level. Its network has systematically been expanded to encompass production facilities and marketing companies in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, China and the United Arab Emirates. Which is why - on a long-term basis - Kludi's policy of total quality is now winning over customers around the world.