Our new glasses are made with natural castor oil, extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, which helps us further to reduce our CO2 footprint.


The new eco-friendly optical collection is made of bio-based plastic material, resulting in lightweight, flexible and durable frames.

The key ingredient of the frames is castor oil, which is extracted from the beans of the highly environmentally-friendly castor oil plant: It absorbs carbon dioxide; grows on poor soil in Mediterranean and tropical regions; and doesn’t compete for land with food crops.

ECOLLECTION comprises of four new, on-trend styles for women and men. The captivating front shapes range from a round vintage Panto style with a modern bridge to softly-squared and slightly angular contemporary shapes. The color portfolio includes classic black, as well as the fashionable tones of brown, red, gray and blue.

For every pair of ECOLLECTION glasses we sell, we plant a tree and support the mission of WeForest.

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