2010 | Frankfurt

The largest Esprit store in the world

On Thursday 16 September 2010,  Esprit officially opened the doors to the ‘World of Esprit’ in the largest Esprit store in the world. Thanks to a complete renovation, the store on Frankfurt’s Zeil has not only been expanded, but also showcases a completely new store design. Two additional floors were created and the store now stretches over more than 3600 sq. m.
A large part of the existing façade of the building is glazed and divided into square grids with concrete elements. A second façade level is overlaid on this construction, giving the exterior of the store a completely new dimension. This second, perforated façade contains over 14,000 glass lenses which use LED technology to display dynamic animations, thus creating a completely new surface effect. The store will become an unmissable highlight of the lively shopping street, particularly in the evenings.

2010 | New York

Esprit opens largest store in North America on legendary 34th Street in New York City

As the second largest Esprit store in the world, the store measures approximately 18,000 square feet of selling space. The new store is unlike any other designed in New York, featuring an innovative new design concept based on a hybrid fusion of new design elements from various global Esprit locations.
The most compelling and proven winning concepts for flooring, fixturing and visual display showcasing have been merged to a delightful new shopping experience. The new store features a very different store environment with darker atmosphere, muted wood and a spectacular sweeping steel and glass staircase in the center of the store that connects all three levels.

2009 | Hong Kong

Flagship Store Grand Opening

The new Esprit flagship store on Hong Kong’s Peking Road sets distinctive architectural standards. The store’s over 1,000 sq m façade covers the sides of the building complex with three horizontal banners. creating never-before-seen surface effect: the façade banners consist of dark metal perforated in regular intervals with embedded glass lenses. Each of the over 24,000 glass lenses is backlit with individually-controlled LEDs. The resulting overall pixel façade offers the potential for interactive display – an effect that reveals its full radiance at night, while the reflection of the surroundings mean dramatic effects during the day. The interior architects rendered the Memphis design, deeply rooted in Esprit’s brand language, as a new graphic concept. “Back to the Future” describes a look that brings the values of the international lifestyle brand - freshness, youth, spontaneity and sportiness – to life inside the store.

2009 | Santa Monica

Flagship Store Grand Opening

Esprit celebrated the first Westcoast store on the legendary Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, sending out a clear signal for the brand’s global expansion.

2008 | Worldwide

Esprit celebration 68/08

In 2008 Esprit celebrates its birthday with a number of activities across all divisions and licence partners. Customers may look forward to countless specials and events ...

2007 | Ratingen

Esprit launches de.corp

Trendier and more progressive than its "big sister" Esprit women casual, the new Esprit division addresses 18-25-year-old customers who are in search of a clean, urban and young style. The first set of garments presented by de.corp ESPRIT URBAN CASUAL features a cool 80s inspired look.

2007 | Munich

edc by Esprit and MTV Networks announce extensive partnership

First solo performance of the edc by Esprit brand as a sponsor of Europe’s biggest music event – the MTV Europe Music Awards. The cooperation of both partners reflects the inseparable connection between fashion and music and allows for selectively addressing young fashion- and music-conscious Europeans.

2006 | Ratingen

Global lifestyle player

The Esprit brand is sold in five continents and more than 40 countries, 640 freestanding stores and over 12,000 wholesale customers. More than 20,000 products are designed each year for 12 product lines for women, men and kids - and in addition a wide variety of licence products for every part of life!

2004 | Ratingen

Ettore Sottsass exhibition

In the Global Business Headquarters Esprit commemorated Ettore Sottsass with an exhibition. This partnership with the designer and founder of the Memphis style has existed since 1982. His design and architecture formed the Esprit stores and showrooms worldwide. Ettore Sottsass was substantially involved in building up the brand.

2002 | New York

Global reintegration

Esprit Holdings Ltd. unified the global Esprit brand by purchasing the US trademarks and the remaining interests in Esprit International, bringing the brand back under the control of one single entity for the first time since the 70s.

2001 | Düsseldorf

Brand awareness

The worldwide brand awareness grew, especially in Germany, by 84%, a record.

2000 | Hong Kong

New millennium

Esprit Holdings Ltd. became a constituent stock of Morgan Stanley's MSCI Hong Kong Index. The new millennium opened with Esprit asking: “How much faster can we grow?” In the new millennium, new product lines such as sportswear, clothes for newborns and toys were introduced.

1996 | New York

Worldwide expansion

Esprit was represented in 44 countries worldwide, and ranked 28th out of the 100 most recognised brands in the United States.

1995 | San Francisco

New product worlds

Design philosophy applies to new product worlds: eyewear, timewear, bath & bed, socks & tights.

1993 | Hong Kong

Esprit Asia on the stock exchange

Esprit's Asian distribution business listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Esprit Asia Holdings Limited.

1992 | San Francisco

“What would you do to change the world?”

The “What would you do to change the world?” campaign became well known and famous worldwide.

1989 | San Francisco

“Esprit, the Comprehensive Design Principle”

The Japanese art publisher Robundo published “Esprit, the Comprehensive Design Principle”. Esprit was now launched in France, Norway and the UK.

1987 | San Francisco


Susie and Doug Tompkins urged the public to confront the growing AIDS epidemic. In the same year the company expanded into Taiwan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

1986 | Cologne

First Esprit store in Germany

Cologne was the location of the first opening of an Esprit store in Germany. The store was designed by Ettore Sottsass with typical elements of the Memphis style.

1979 | New York

Esprit triple-bar “E” Logo

In 1979 John Casado designed the famous Esprit stencil-effect logo. Despite worries that the triple-bar “E” would not be legible to customers, the new logo became one of the most recognised and memorable in international fashion.

1978 | San Francisco

Esprit takes-off

Sales topped $ 100 million and international partnerships in Hong Kong and Germany were formed.

1971 | Hong Kong

Esprit Far East started business

Esprit Far East Group was born when Doug and Susie Tompkins met Michael Ying, the group's former chairman and shareholder of Esprit.

1971 | San Francisco

Seven product lines

The company incorporated under the name of Esprit de corp. and seven product lines were created.

1968 | San Francisco

Esprit - the brand was born

Susie and Doug Tompkins started selling Esprit clothes out of the back of their station waggon.

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