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The brand partnership between Esprit and Kludi

Esprit is one of the world's best-known and most successful lifestyle brands, with collections that provide smart, affordable luxury for a young, high-spending public. Since 2006, Esprit home has seen Esprit presenting interior design products that combine today's lifestyle quality with fair prices. International family enterprise Kludi has always been dedicated to combining functionality with emotional appeal in the use of water in bathrooms and kitchens. the aim has always been to develop and implement high-quality brand and design concepts.

The cooperation between Kludi and Esprit brings together two different areas of expertise - one of the leading suppliers of bath and kitchen fixtures and the global fashion and lifestyle expertise - expanding them to generate exciting synergies.

In order to make the Kludi brand stand out as a brand interpreter, the company must continue to develop and market brand, design and product concepts that are as well-suited to the market as they are contemporary.

Esprit home kitchen fixtures

Together with lifestyle-brand Esprit, fittings specialist Kludi presents three new kitchen mixers for the contemporary kitchen. The Esprit-brand mixers are aimed at lifestyle-oriented individuals and offer rounded design that can be integrated into a large number of living styles.

The modern kitchen offers space for functionality and living, communication and cooking. It is a place of luxury and a retreat at the same time. And: the kitchen is the new residence of the Esprit home Life Style range. Three new kitchen fixtures are the first products to grace the kitchen as part of the Esprit Life Style 2010 range.

The kitchen fixtures combine comfort and intelligent functionality, contemporary interior design and elegant shapes in the true Esprit spirit. The new models can therefore be seamlessly integrated into the various Esprit style worlds, providing a modern kitchen ambience.