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Standard technical features for Watches of Esprit Timewear:


Most of the Esprit timewear models are using a quartz movement.

Metal bands

Most Esprit timewear metal bands are in stainless steel.

Metal bands can be ion-plated in gold, rose gold, black or bicolor.

Finishing: satin, matt or polished.

Esprit timewear logo is stamped or engraved mostly at the buckle.


Free of toxic chemicals (e.g. AZO and PCB) according to law.

Esprit timewear logo is stamped on the back.

Special buckle with an Esprit logo.

The straps can be out of leather, rubber, nylon or fabric.


Models with metal bands, rubber and nylon straps (excluding combinations with leather) can be cleaned normally by using soap and little bit of water.

Models with leather straps can be easily cleaned with a Q-tip and a soft cloth.


90% of all of our models have a stainless steel case.

All Esprit timewear models have a stainless steel case back.

Esprit uses only mineral crystal.

Ion plating (IP)

Esprit timewear exclusively uses ion plating: under vacuum conditions, ions touch and penetrate the base material at high velocity. The result is a color effect that is more durable than galvanization, models are available in colors such as gold, rosegold, black, grey, brown, antique gold.

All plating is according to EC law EN1811.


Stainless steel and also brass cases contain a small amount of nickel but are within the limit allowed by law.


All Esprit watches are standard 3 or 5 BAR water-resistant – the indication can be found on the case back. Some models are even 10 BAR water-resistant which is indicated on the dial and case back.

According to international standard, a watch may be called “water resistant” if it can withstand sweat, water drops or rain, and at remain least 30 minutes underwater at depth of 1 meter. Water resistance is measured in different degrees of water pressure (3,5,10 & 20 BAR).

The given pressure is not a measurement for how deep one can dive in the water.

The chronograph function can not be used during diving or swimming. If the chronograph buttons are pushed underwater, it will displace air inside the watch and cause it to leak.